Become A Better Lover

Well, are you good in bed? Most lovers want to be. But are they? If you have ever asked (or thought to ask) a female partner, “Was it good for you?” or “Did you come?” then read on because you likely could use a few tips to improve your love technique.

And even if you and your partner routinely reach orgasm when you make love, the odds are pretty good that there is room for improvement in what goes on behind closed doors.

It may be no surprise to you that 80 percent of men polled said they loved oral sex performed on them.

But did you know that 70 percent of women said that they loved oral sex performed on them?

According to Medical News Today, The sad truth is that more than 35 million American women today have yet to experience an orgasm.

The overwhelming reason for this dismal statistic is that many women have had lovers who have been unwilling or unable to bring them to climax. Read on if you don’t want your woman to become a statistic.

Get a Clean Start

Take a shower or bath before sex, paying close attention to washing the genital areas. You will feel better knowing you are clean and fresh and that your partner’s oral experience will be enjoyable.

Shave facial areas closely and groom mustache and beard. Trim your nails … and don’t forget your toenails.

Create the Mood

“Relax and enjoy” it is a mantra that’s been echoed for decades by experts in sexual performance … from trailblazing doctors William Masters and Virginia Johnson to the modern-day sex guru Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Although there are times when rushed, frenzied sex is a turn-on, an ideal sexual encounter is one in which a comfortable mood is established. Consider soothing music, glasses of wine, scented candles, sexy clothing or anything else that will create an inviting atmosphere for you and your partner.

For men, an enhancement supplement can help them a lot in creating the mood. If you’re short of one, you use this one right here.

Vibrators: A Turn-On for Men and Women

Open Up! Your mind that is … the best sex is often the result of adventuresome explorations of each other and experimentation with positions and techniques.

While intercourse is the most common encounter between lovers, there are many satisfying sexual experiences to be had during foreplay or as an alternative to traditional intercourse.

Some partners enjoy trying new positions for intercourse; others find that watching each other masturbate can be another major turn-on.

Sensual body and genital massages are also enjoyable ways to learn about your lover’s sensitive areas while getting your own erotic juices pumping. One way women AND MEN can experience heightened sexual sensations is by utilizing vibrators -yes, fellas, vibrators are for you too!

It’s likely no surprise that massaging a woman’s clitoris with a vibrator can be an easy means to bring her to climax.

But according to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a noted expert in human sexuality, men can enjoy extreme pleasure and reach orgasm if a vibrator is used to gently massage the penis and testicles as well as the sensitive perineum area (the skin that spans between the genitals and the anus).